LG Viewty has a brand new colour: Is silver better than black?

The LG Viewty gets a new look and seeing as we have all seen it in black how about a new colour to spice things up a bit. The LG Viewty has now gone silver but at the moment is only available in Korea.

I personally have the LG Viewty in Black and have already done a few reviews on it with plenty more to come as time goes by, the first hands on review was titled LG Viewty KU990 out of the box & Photos: Hands on review part 1 (Take a look) and the second was called LG Viewty KU990 functionality and usability: Hands on review part 2 (Take a look).

LG Viewty silver pic 1

Will the LG Viewty Silver be as popular as the LG Viewty Black?


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13 thoughts on “LG Viewty has a brand new colour: Is silver better than black?”

  1. nancy says:

    Lg silver looks by no means as stylish as the black!!!!
    Wonder of the silver comes with more themes as the black viewty only has two themes worth using – the black(my fave) and the fish which is cute as you can get the fish to follow you finger but would be more fun if you could upload more fish to swim around the screen. Same as all the screensavers are really poor? I’m with vodafone, not sure if they have an overide over which screensavers are loaded on the fone?

  2. Navin Parikh says:

    LG Viewty is really a black (not Silver) beauty. Elligent look and stylish camera. I say VOW.

    My happiness melted for few shorts.

    1. No smooth scrolling.

    2. Flash contents can’t be used as wallpaper. No provision for the same.

    3. Myopians (People with Short vision) can’t read booklet without Magnifying Glass. Printed in tiny fonts.

    4. TV Cord not supplied. Have to buy saperately.
    Such a cord costing 2 to 3 dollars not covered under the high price of the phone.

    4. Software not running smooth. Operation USB port is troublesome.

    LG appears to be a miser organization.

  3. malav says:

    Zedge doesn’t have themes for viewty because there are non…but u can have themes by hacking the phone or using theme manager.search it up on google

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