Samsung F490 officially unveiled: releases in Feb plus main specifications

UPDATE: You can buy this phone right now from the Vodafone Store

It is now official because the South Korean handset manufacturer has just unveiled the brand new Samsung F490; this is a phone that packs a punch so to speak with the multimedia tech within. The multimedia mobile phone has a stunning 3.2 inch display which has no keypad, well hardware anyway, it is touchscreen.

It also features a 5 megapixel camera as well (Do we smell LG Viewty here), anyway moving on the Samsung F490 runs on the award-wining Croix UI, this is a tri-band HSDPA/EDGE-enabled handset that is only 11.8mm thick and a cool glossy finish which is Samsung’s trademark really, you know like their TV’s.

The 3.2 TFT touchscreen with 240 x 432 pixels resolution takes up most of the phone leaving just about enough space for the call and end call keys, oh and they are touch sensitive as well.

Oh my god it is the LG Viewty, I say this because the Samsung F490 also has haptic feedback, the phone also has 16:9 widescreen, internet browsing, video, the video players supports MPEG4, H.264, WMV and H.263, file formats in up to VGA resolution at 30fps. The 5 megapixel camera is the main part of this phone with a built-in LED flash, oops no auto focus.

Another cool feature has to be the pre-installed Google Search application and even the optimized full HTML web browser. We will keep you posted on exact dates but so far we know that the Samsung F490 will be available from February in some European countries for around 530 Euros.

Samsung F490Main Specifications —
photos below specs –
– HSDPA / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
– 3.2 inch TFT touchscreen, 256K colors, 240 x 432 pixels
– Photocall & 1000 entries phonebook
– 30 received, 30 missed & 30 dialed in call records
– MP3, Polyphonic plus download ringtones
– Vibration
– 130 MB built in memory plus microSD (TransFlash) card slot
– 3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
– GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
– Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
– EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
– USB v2.0
– HTML (NetFront 3.4) & WAP 2.0/xHTML Browser
– Games
– MMS, EMS, SMS, Email & Instant Messaging
– 5 megapixel camera with 2592 x 1944 pixels & QVGA video 15fps plus flash & secondary video call camera
– Java MIDP 2.0
– MP3, AAC, AAC+ player
– WMV, MPEG4, H.263, H.264 player (VGA@30fps)
– Organiser, Multitasking, Built-in hands free & Google Search
– 3.5mm audio jack
– 115 x 53.5 x 11.8 mm
– 102 grams

samsung F490 pic 1

samsung F490 pic 2

samsung F490 pic 3

UPDATE: You can buy this phone right now from the Vodafone Store


83 thoughts on “Samsung F490 officially unveiled: releases in Feb plus main specifications”

  1. Ich denke, dass Samsung mit dem F490 eine echte Alternative zum Iphone auf den Markt bringen wird. Persönlich würde nichts für das Apple-Handy sprechen, da das neue Samsung-Handy nicht nur technisch sondern auch optisch um einiges besser ist als die Konkurrenz von Apple

  2. got the f700 myself,if this is gona be better,then it will be stunning,had my f700 since November and its a cracking phone,believe me it is.Ok probably the UI not quite as good as iphone,but overall its better,honest,and im not a samsung lover,honest,but maybe i am now slowly,f490 should be stunning.

  3. kester says:

    I was gonna get the f700 even though it had 3mega pixels. But on hearing about the f490. Waiting a few extra weeks isnt going to be hard, seeing the features it has and it been so much better than the competiion.

  4. pretty_vacant says:

    Phone is due for launch on Vodafone tomorrow (23/2), BUT I have just spoken to Vodafone and they do not have stock and aren’t expecting to launch the phone for at least another two months 🙁

  5. Craig says:

    I have just been told it won be available until end of march – they havent placed it in the new vodafone magazine for march which is a definate indicator of teh release date – or lack of it!!!!

  6. Gemma says:

    does the samsung F490 have a qwerty keyboard, if not can anyone suggest a touch screen phone, with a keyboard, except for the samsung F700?

  7. Richard says:

    Please find out if this has a qwerty keypad as I dont want to get this phone if it hasnt…?
    Do you know if the Samsung Armani Phone has a qwerty keypad… Ive just read a review that says it has (& no it wasnt the F700) but I couldnt see one when I looked at the phone…?

  8. dave says:

    i spoke to someone today @vodafone in the sales dept and they told me it will be released by them on the 28th of march as i am due to upgrade soon

  9. Pikestra says:

    Oh what, its not gonna be another Vodafone specific phone like the f700, as that network is useless in my area. But i spoke to someone in Carphone Warehouse and they because the f700 was just for Vodafone this one is less likely too???

    We could really do with some official information lol

  10. theo says:

    was in a vodaphone shop today, f490 being released tomorrow 27th march excluive to vodaphone. carphone also confirmed. i am getting this baby:)

  11. Jeff, God of Biscuits says:

    This page has become my source for the F490 release date, so thanks to those who’ve been posting.

    I was hoping to get the phone yesterday, but a guy at the Vodaphone shop in Oxford St said it’s release date is March 31st, and they probably won’t have it in stock til the first week of April!

  12. Patrick says:

    i have now been told that the phone wont be released until the 7th of april and will prob take about a week to get to all shops! this sucks the amount they are changing the dates

  13. Craig says:

    This release date is getting on my nerves – it seems to be put back every week. I’m starting to get concerned as it will probably be released with a few faults!!!

  14. Flea says:

    I just got off the Vodafone.

    The operater said the release date should of been 28/03 but has been pushed back.

    Currently the release date is: to be confirmed.

    I’m going to call again on Wednesday for an update

  15. Chris says:

    Vodafone bussiness told me this morning that it should be 7th April.

    She even said she sent it out next day delivery for me so I assume they are really expecting it then.

  16. Jeff, God of Biscuits says:

    I admire your optimisim, Chris. Personally, I’m glad I held off asking my network for my MAC # a month ago, and I’m going to wait for the phone to appear in stores before I make that call (but I won’t be holding my breath anymore).

  17. Craig says:

    ****BREAKING NEWS****

    I just walked past vodafone in Cheltenham, and they have huge posters advertising the phone, the shop assistant said they have in store demo phones and should have them to sell any day now! I bet they end up beng totall tosh!!!!

  18. Jeff, God of Biscuits says:

    Not just a demo, I just got back from the Oxford Street store with the phone itself! It’s out, at least in some places! Not seeing any bugs with it so far, and got a great contract too. Finally!

  19. Patrick says:

    hey everyone just to let you no the 490 is out in all vodafone business stores! other stores may have to do a special order so if you want it go to a business one!

  20. Flea says:

    Just got off the phone to Vodaphone (191)

    The had 59 phones left, got it on a free upgrade with a 12 month contract (after some haggiling)

    £4.95 delivery charge

    Arrives Friday 🙂

  21. Kriss says:

    Got call from vodaphone today confirming i will get delivery 2moz. really hope their not blaggin me. Will update tomoz. Also got very good 12 mouth contract.

  22. Becs says:

    Lucky you all got great contracts!
    I’ve been with Vodafone for years and years. All they could offer me was an 18 month contract – paying £110 for the phone or a 24 month paying £40!!
    There is no way i want to do that!
    Must work on my haggling skills!!! 🙁

  23. Chris says:

    Business contract but very low spend – They initally wanted to charge me £240 for the upgrade.

    Managed to haggle it down to £50 on an 18m.

    Should be here first thing tomorrow. 🙂

  24. Jeff, God of Biscuits says:

    Seems harsh. I got 300 mins, 250 texts (more than I need), and mobile internet for £25pm on an 18 month contract. The phone was free. Granted, I’m a new customer. Shame the networks don’t value their existing customers as much…

  25. Chris says:

    True – but it’s a works contract – they pay all the bills so I can’t complain 😉

    I may even get away with the £50 but considering I get everything else thrown in, it may be best to stay in their good books!

  26. Gemma says:

    i was lookin on the vodafone website, and the price plans and i was just wondering if the samsung F490 is available on the £29.79 contract (with 500 mins and unlimited texts)???

  27. Patrick says:

    ok people i would just like to say that the phone is free on all contracts over £35 so i dont understand why some of you are saying you had to haggle! read the website and then sort it out if you paid then your stupid!

  28. Pikestra says:

    guy, i cant say for sure as i dont have 1 (yet) but if you look at a pic on the vodafone website there is a mark underneath the speaker.
    I have noticed that on Play you can buy the phone sim free although there is no price as it still says “coming soon”, but NO mark 🙂

  29. guy says:

    Thanks Pikestra, Couldn’t wait for it to be on a different network, O2 say they don’t know when they will have stock and told me to keep an eye on their webby, could be months! I upgraded with Vodafone on anytime 75 for 18 months, hand set upgrade for free, no need to push, just make sure you speak to sales manager rather than the first person who answers the phone! Happy upgrading all

  30. bernie says:

    i got my f490 on friday free with a £25 per month contract .This phone is stunning to look at and has no radio as mentioned (well i cant find it). its great for me as i can text without having to put glasses on as the touch sreen letters are bigger . pictures are good but takes some getting used too in My son things its crap but im slowing warming to it

  31. Shaza says:

    I am due for an upgrade and I’m deciding between the F700 and F490 on Vodafone. Is anyone familar with both models and can recommend which model they think is better?

    I currently have a Samsung D900 so I’m used to the Samsung interface/menus etc.

  32. bernie says:

    after yesterday being in the sun all day i could not see the screen at all so when someone was calling it was very difficult to answer the phone i missed several calls due to this problem sp i took it back to the vodafone store and cancelled my upgrade. i then walked into phones4u and am now the proud owner of the LG KU990 wow this phone is bril much better in every way no problems at all can see the screen in the sun and altogether easier to answer calls

  33. moggy says:

    does any1 know when this phone is coming out on a different network suck as 3, o2 or t mobile as these are the best networks in my area?? thanks for any answers to my question it will be most helpful

  34. Pikestra says:

    moggy, well i have recieved a notification from Play that they are now selling the phone for £299 (Sim Free obviously) but its due for release on the 16 of May. And the other day when i went into a Vodafone shop they said its exclusive to them for 3months. So im guessing if you want it on another network you will have to wait untill its out on Play (unless you go to another country and get a Sim free)

  35. moggy says:

    thats a shame nevermind. think il have to go for another phone as my old phone is old and battared and i need an upgrade! any recommendations would be greatly appreciated thanks for any comments

  36. Cabbage Patch Kid says:

    hmmm im due for an upgrade, just checked the voda site and the F490 is available for free on my contract-
    which is meant to be £25 a month for 300 cross network mins + 500 texts + stop the clock… although every month my bills only ever £21 !

    i cant decide between the f490 and the new LG kf700 :-//

  37. Have just got off the phone to Vodafone. Was going to get the Nokia N95 as a friend told me it was awesome! I was told very bulky though so I have spent 67 mins on the phone and just negotiated my upgrade. I keep the contract im on 750 mins and 250 txts for £35 per month. Got the F490 for free, 3 months half price, 3 months free insurance, free bluetooth headset,and this phone has 3g for video tel calls! Do you think I have got a good deal?

  38. Sid says:

    F490 Free on 18 month contract, £25 a month, half price for 9 months. Had friends and family at £7.50 a month, they are throwing that in free for the full 18 months.

    Also a free 2 Gb memory slot, and In Car-Charger.

    You all need to bargain them down. Mind you been with Vodafone for over 10 years now.

  39. Pikestra says:

    IF you were one of the people wanting to buy this phone Sim Free from play then i got a little bit of bad news with a little bit of good news.
    Bad News: they have changed the price to £389.99
    Good News: the release date was changed and is out now.

  40. becky says:

    ordered the f490 today
    i kept the mins n txts that i had b4 (250txts+200mins)
    also the phone was free!
    hope its a good phone, heard that it is a bit slow.. hope not
    do u think its any good?

  41. Cabbage Patch Kid says:

    got the f490 and absolutely love it!

    now for the past 2 days ive been searching and searching the net for a video converter so I can play my movies on it- finally got the iphone vid converter & it works perfect !

  42. moggy says:

    iv read on a review website that the samsung f480 is better than the f490 is it any truth in this and if so does any1 know when this phone is coming out on contract be most helpful thanks x

  43. Rakesh says:

    Got the phone 2day n i love it…
    upgrade for free with 750 mins and 250 txts for £17.50 a month
    maybe should have haggled for a bluetooth headset as i want one.. but overall i am happe 🙂

  44. danny says:

    Just go on ebay and buy one on pay go for 200£ i believe that the iphone is a much better phone than this with features unlocked of course.

  45. sarah says:


    I have never returned a phone before as am usually happy enough with them as i dont ask for much just to be able to call and text. Well this phone makes those simple tasks almost impossible! Though i am quite a handy person when it comes to gadgets, so this is why i am writting on here to warn you all!!
    Half the time the buttons would not work i could not answer when it was calling and i thought the camera quality was awful! So i called vodafone today and am changing to the nokia n95 as have seen my friends and this seems the most practical for me.

    Dont be fooled by this phone it is just a toy for a couple of days then a complete pain in the ass after that!

  46. rich says:

    sarah – sorry to point out – the majority opinion is good/excellent

    you are handy with gadgets? hmm – lucky you’re not a spy because this gadget is noddy (easy to use)

    mine was £20 18 month 600mins unLIMited texts


  47. rich says:

    p.s – if you know a little about the cameras settings – ie… read the camera settings part of the instruction book.. you’ll find it gives some brilliant results 😉

  48. Natty says:

    i got this phone yesterday and so far not very happy with it.
    the camera is shocking and very fuzzy and blury ( even thou ive put on the anti shake mode )

    also on the main screen u have a flashing square which takes you to the main menu, does anyone know if u can get rid of this as its so anoying , spesh if u want a pic as ur wallpaper as the flashing square is on the peoples face.
    the circle button between the call keys also takes u to the main menu so not sure why the square is also needed?

    can anyone help, its rele bugging me

  49. ..... says:

    So can you upgrade a 12 month contract phone to get this phone and also if you can upgrade does the Samsung F490 have to be on contract or can you just like insert a pay as you go sim card into it to use it?

  50. chelsea says:

    my dad just ordered this phone for me i got 600 mins and unlimited txts for 30 a month
    18mnth contract

    the camera and everything is soooooo goood


  51. Danny says:

    Great phone ordered it wednesday night got it friday 🙂 … im on 600 mins, unlimited texts £25 a month great deal great phone recomended to anyone!

  52. synyster-dan says:

    I ordered the samsung F490 and i have heard very good comments on it. I got a £15 a month contract!! you get unlimited text but no mins which is perfect for me.

  53. Fran says:

    Hey to Synyster-dan!
    Where’d you get that on £15 a month?
    I’ve really wanted this phone for ages, but i can’t get it if its over £20 a month.
    Thanks =]

  54. Jonathan says:

    I have got this phone but when u record things on the camcorder it will only record for 15 seconds is there anything i can do to make it record for longer??

  55. Hi, I would like to buy ( Samsung f490 $300usd ) i am from Indonesia.
    Address: Indonesia . Jakarta. Setiabudi Kunigan
    Phone: +61 (0)81808895260
    Could you please tell me how to buy it. I am waiting for you. Thank you.

  56. bobby says:

    ermmm well im thinking about getting this phone but im not sure because apprantly its slow and it locks itself when calling,
    i would like to no if this fone is good looking and if it is the one i should get and is there any problems i will get with it ?
    and what would b a better fone?

  57. Hey hey hey!

    im getting this phone

    im getting it for £180 off cex.co.uk its a trustworthy website because i bought my samsung u600 there the one im getting is unlocked and u can get it on vodaphone for £165 get the grade A ones there swish grade b and c are basically scratched and mangled

    hope that helped and also

    dooonnnt get the f480 tocco, it lags a drops calls and plus its too small for a touchscreen everyone i know that has it says they dont really like it as it lags and theres nothing reli special about it, also so many people have it isnt it nice to get something unique 🙂

    the iphone is better than this phone but is way more expensive and i dont think the display is as cool as the f490 also the samsung giorgio armani is nice also known as the p520 i was gonna get that as it has the croix interface but yellow, then i realised that it didnt have 3g, but its still a lovely phone but then again it has a tiny touchscreen

  58. Charlie says:

    Im kinda confused..

    I have this phone.. and have had it for like.. 4 months.. bought it off the vodafone website. and then it disappeared

    i feel special!

  59. Frankie says:

    Whaaay i love this phone i had it for about 16 months on contract for £15 with unlimited texts but it got stolen in london just before the contract ended so im looking for another onee (: greaaat hpone but i had to get it repaired 6 times.x

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