Apple iPhone clone mobile concept from Intel: New photos and video clip

New update on Intel’s iPhone clone mobile concept plus photos and video clip to boot, remember back in 2007 when we told you about Apple iPhone would have loved the Intel Moorestown platform Chip (See here) well we have a new update thanks to IntoMobile.

Apple iPhone clone mobile concept

They have got new photos and a video clip for you to see (video below this post), Intel are giants when it comes to chips so how will they do in the mobile industry. The chip giants were at CES 2008 in Las Vegas and there stand had many ultra pc concepts including one shown here that was a fully working prototype.

Seems that IntoMobile got their mitts on the one shown here this UMPC is apparently coming in the 1st half of 2008, well the launch anyway. It should have 3G or either WiMAX.

Keep us posted IntoMobile my little darlings. Check out more pics over at IntoMobile.

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