ReQall note taking app goes iPhone

Ok, so ReQall, you may not have heard of it but it’s a cool web-based apps service that relies on multiple methods of input like voice and SMS to record thoughts. Although stuff such as images will require uploading direct to ReQall, however once done and all your stuff in online you simply access them via ReQall’s website, RSS, iGoogle as well as your mobile phone.


So what is the next step for ReQall, well it has actually taken the next step and now includes the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, so now Apple’s many users can now access their notes via the same way. The great thing about the ReQall is the way you can call a number and freely dictate your thoughts which are then transformed into written text.

SO if you happen to be attending MacWorld, check out booth S-1338-44 to see the ReQall working its wonders.

Source — MobileWhack

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2 thoughts on “ReQall note taking app goes iPhone”

  1. Paul Bretlin says:

    I like reQall very much. They are one of the best services out there. The thing I like the most about them is that I can integrate the 2 apps: reQall and Wrike. Wrike is my project management app that allows me to create tasks via email, so I can call reQall number and post my tasks directly to Wrike. Saves so much time!

  2. scottiage says:

    Hey Paul, how do you do that???? I use Wrike and just signed up for reQall and Im wondering how you do that, can you please let me know??

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