OT-E227 clamshell phone launched by Alcatel with Orange £9.99

Exclusive to Orange comes the OT-E227 clamshell phone which is being launched by Alcatel at the moment on a pre-pay option for get this “£9.99 when purchased with £10 top-up credit” believe it or not but that is what our source Pocket-lint has said, and we believe them.

OT-E227 clamshell phone pic 1

At that price we do not care what the phone looks like, and yes it does look bad. These OT-E227 flip phones are dual band and come in 3 different colours such as Fuchsia, metallic rosé and glossy black.

OT-E227 clamshell phone pic 2

Some of the specs include a 1.5 inch TFT 65K colour screen, 10 hours talk time plus 325 hours standby time with the weight being only 70 grams. This is without a doubt a great little phone that is yes basic but does its job well; we would say this phone will best suit a first time mobile phone user.

Source — Pocket-lint

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