We break down the new iPhone firmware 1.1.3: What are your views?

Let us break down the all new iPhone firmware 1.1.3, the all new firmware 1.1.3 for the Apple iPhone is now available and in our last post we did mention that you will need iTunes (Read & Download), we will give you the juicy bits of what can be done on your Apple iPhone.

Right let us start with the “Maps” now you can see this in the all new hybrid view which is basically the same as Google Maps, street mapping and satellite images are available on a single view, also with the “Maps” there is location triangulation which uses nearby WiFi access points and GSM towers which will give you a rough idea of your location.

Now moving onto “Web Clips”, this is all about web bookmarks which can now be saved as home screen icons which also include zooming and location information.

The “Home screen” are icons which are on the home screen which can now be rearranged plus you can have up to 9 home screens which can now be created and flicked between.

“SMS” is all about a single text message which can now be sent to multiple recipients and groups can be recalled for future use.

“iTunes” oh yes movie rentals are now supported plus support for lyrics and even the option to manually manage music and videos instead of synchronizing.

Source – Engadget

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