The black Samsung in black turns white: What colour do you prefer?

Just a quickie in the light of mobile phone news, the sexy Samsung F700 that we have all seen (Here) is in black, but it has come to light that it will be coming soon in white.

The Samsung F700 White version will be coming to Vodafone Spain pretty soon which you can see now here, the F700 is a fantastic phone and now with the option of either black or white makes it that little bit more appealing, well in Spain anyway. Will we see it with other network providers is a question though?

samsung f700 white

samsung f700 black

What colour do you prefer?


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One thought on “The black Samsung in black turns white: What colour do you prefer?”

  1. I’ve got the new samsung f700,had it now since it first came out in november 07.I only got it by accident,had to give my sony ericsson w880i to my lad,so ended up getting a new one.Got to say the samsung f700 is good.Very very good,and i disagree with comments being said its no good.People say the iphone is way ahead,im not saying the iphone probably looks slicker,and more attention seeking,but overall i think the samsung is slightly better.You’ve got to give it time and stay with it,it really can perform.Got two things to say,i’ve used mine a lot,and its getting better everyday,from interface to internet,from music to camera great.And my mate bought the iphone,just before i had mine,ask him now which he’d have and you’d be surprised,very surprised.

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