Apple iPhone soon to get Lotus Notes eMail

Although rumour is rife over the cyber world that AT&T, once they bring the iPhone to their business and corporate users AT&T and Apple would have enterprise class email support, the rumour is Microsoft’s Outlook Exchange Server.

However, it appears that this could be worn as it is now rumoured that IBM’s Lotus Notes eMail could be the one for Apple’s iPhone, which could gain release even as soon as 20th January for the iPod Touch and iPhone, about the same time at the iPhone’s corporate launch.

Apple iPhone

Should this come about IBM Lotus Notes eMail on the iPhone will make it the first software ever to be developed on the official iPhone SDK. A spokesperson from IBM had this to say…“IBM and Apple have a lot in common. We’re going to cross-pollinate.” Which could possibly be taken as verification that the iPhone is indeed getting Lotus Notes eMail.

Source — AP

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