BT Freestyle 610 Twin (G) Digital Cordless home phones in white

This is a stylish twin cordless home phone set from BT, the Freestyle 610 Twin (G) digital and cordless home phones in white with blue display. This great home phone is available from BT online store, and offers several great features which include, 30 name and number memory, up to 10 hours talk time, up to 100 hours standby, earpiece volume control, Handset naming feature, and much more besides.

BT Freestyle 610 Twin

·         5 Last number redial

·         Inductive coupler (for hearing aid users)

·         Call timer

·         Secrecy

·         control (3 levels and off)

·         Base and handset ringer volume

·         Handset power on/off

·         Choice of 3 base and handset ringer melodies

·         Paging

·         Display language options

·         Autotalk/standby

·         Keypad lock

·         Out of range and battery low warnings

·         Range of up to 300m outdoors/50m indoors3

Multiple handsets:

·         3-Way calling

·         GAP compatible – register up to 4 handsets to one base

·         Call transfer

·         Internal calls  

This twin home phone set if part of “energy efficient phones” and is available at the BT Online Store.


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  1. BT Freestyle 610 Twin is excellent phone and easy to use whether young person or elderly. My Mum has had a set of them for several years and we are glad to buy them again, now that they are old.

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