New Apple iPhone application release called VoiceDial: speech recognition

We love new Apple iPhone applications and this brand new one is pretty damn cool as so is the price, yes finally at last you can have speech recognition for the iPhone where dialing numbers on your device is no longer needed, all you need to do is dial the numbers without looking at the screen.

Apparently it is much faster than the touch screen and much safer in your vehicle, this is all possible thanks to Makayama who are the ones that have released this iPhone app called VoiceDial.

The name gives it away really we think, but basically as the name says its adds voice dialling feature to the iPhone. It also lets users start applications and open Safari bookmarks without touching their handset.

Many apps for the iPhone are free but this one is not, it will cost you a cool $27.95 or 19.95 EUR in order to download VoiceDial, what you waiting for, get more info and download option here.

Is this a cool idea or not?


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