Mobile phones apparently linked to disturbed sleep says joint study

If we are to believe the latest round of relentless studies on health and the mobile phone, it now appears that should you uses your mobile before heading off to sleep you may not receive a decent night’s kip. The Karolinska Institute Sweden and Wayne State University USA have come up with the study’s results that intimate mobile radiation can cause confusion, headaches and insomnia, and that REM can be affected.

Mobile phones

The study team watched at approximately 70 people which included a control group so that they could reference their results. About half of those people studied thought themselves to be ‘electro-sensitive’ which apparently means receiving impaired cognitive function and headaches because of electrical radiation.

So, what do we do? Do well all panic and chuck our dirty radiation leaking mobile in the bin? Do we just stop using our mobiles before we hit the sack? Or do we think hold on, this was studied over like 70, yes just 70 people, and as the findings are only intimated there is nothing conclusive. Therefore I for one will continue to use my mobile until the headaches and insomnia start.

Source — BBC

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