Skyfire Real fast PC web on your Windows Mobile phone: Not to be missed

This is one that cannot be missed trust us, the sexy Skyfire browser is finally here and set to bring PC like browsing to your Windows Mobile device, not only that the speeds are just plain bloody crazy and with support for all embedded content.

Basically the cool Skyfire is the way to go, because it gives you mobile browsing which is exactly the same as PC Browsing, the real web served up right, go anywhere and get anything, easy to use and the best of all it is blazing fast.


This is all free for your phone; this is bloody marvelous free package that will for example, load Facebook and Myspace pages in no time at all plus all the likes of Windows Mobile 5 and 6 for both touchscreens or not are supported.

There is a video below which you can watch, plus we definitely say follow the source link below and try it out.


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