Japanese school girls arrested for prostitution ring: Ads sent via SMS texts

Ok the picture will be loved by the masses, but that is only an illustration. The real news is that several junior and senior high school girls in Tokyo and Saitama were arrested for running a prostitution ring.

The prostitution ring was run pretty well up until they got caught, the school girls would send out ads via SMS texts to prospective customers, the text messages would look something like this IkebLURV1700Yukichi2JC1

Japanese school girl sms sex

Ok to me and you IkebLURV1700Yukichi2JC1 looks odd, and we would not understand what it meant, below is that text broke down in detail.

Here is the deciphered message —

Ikeb = Ikebukuro. The neighborhood that the girl is in.
LURV = “I will have sex with you.”
1700 = Time: 5PM
Yukichi2 = Yukichi Fukuzawa, the guy whose face is on the 10,000 yen note x 2 = I cost 20,000 yen
JC = Joshi Chugakusei (Junior high school girl. JS would be elementary school girl, JK would be high school girl)
1 = Grade 1. In Japan, 1st year of junior high = 7th grade.

Oh you naughty girls, you should be learning history not practicing sexual education for real.

Source — IntoMobile via Textually.org


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