Motorola push out MWC teaser video: Try again MOTO

Motorola are trying everything they possibly can to tease us, MOTO do try and we take our hats of for them and say give them a chance and let us see what happens. Yu never know they may have something special in the bag.

Motorola are trying their bloody hardest to make a scene at MWC later this month by building up hopes with a new video, Motorola push out MWC teaser video which you can watch below is nothing to go on really, all it tells me is that instead of carrying a load of computer equipment get a phone that does the lot.

So does this mean a new smartphone on the horizon from the MOTO boys and girls, Motorola bring us a decent video and a phone and we will love you again. Please watch the video below then do comment we would love to know what you are thinking.

Source – PhoneArena


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