2008 is a good year for Wirelessly Powered Smartphones by Splashpower & MWg

It seems 2008 is a good year in the way of mobile phones and with technology on the up we can see some special things happening. Cool features coming to mobile smartphones in 2008 in the way of technology is Wireless power which will make wireless speakers much more attractive.

Just announced by Splashpower and MWg is the all new wirelessly powered smartphone that they hope to launch in the 2nd half of 2008, the latest technology will enable inductive charging which basically means it will use electromagnetic induction to charge your mobile phone without wires. We already published the clever tech charger which is sort of on the same path (See Here).


Is this new technology something that is a must? Soon as we or product-reviews.net has images and specs we will let you know.

Source — product-reviews.net

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