Full Press Release of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1: iPhone killer maybe?

Hot on the press and much talked about phone at the moment is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, and boys and girls what a phone it is. We are hoping to get our hands on one of these and we will give you all the latest on it.

But for now while we wait, we just want to say that this is a superb phone judging on the details from the press release shown below. See as we have covered this phone already we thought you should see the full press release of what it is all about.

Full Press Release
The world of our consumers and customers is changing. To meet the growing need for mobile Web communication and multimedia entertainment, Sony Ericsson introduces XPERIAâ„¢. With this new brand Sony Ericsson will position itself at the forefront of mobile convergence.
Barcelona, Spain — 10th February 2008 —Today marked the launch of XPERIAâ„¢ and a new era in mobile communications with the announcement of the XPERIAâ„¢ X1, a stand-out, arc slider phone from Sony Ericsson designed to address the growing need for a premium, converged mobile experience.

The XPERIATM X1 combines a 3-inch clear wide VGA display and a full QWERTY keyboard within a quality metal-finish body. With Windows Mobile® inside, the XPERIA™ X1 lets you choose from a dynamic range of activities at anytime and anywhere; from enjoying your favourite entertainment content to working efficiently on-the-move. Access a world of experiences simply by touching the XPERIA™ panel on the screen.

“XPERIAâ„¢ represents the first brand that is truly borne from within Sony Ericsson. It represents our vision for a premium, energised communication experience,” said Dee Dutta, Head of Marketing, Sony Ericsson. “This launch, and the announcement of the X1, further strengthens the overall Sony Ericsson brand and places us at the forefront of mobile convergence.”

“Our vision for the XPERIAâ„¢ X1 is to deliver a seamless blend of mobile Web communication and multimedia entertainment within a distinctive design,” said Rikko Sakaguchi, Head of Portfolio and Propositions, Sony Ericsson. “XPERIAâ„¢ is our promise to think foremost of user experience and to deliver the premium experience — anytime, anywhere, anything, with anyone.”

Sony Ericsson XPERIATM X1 — energised communication, the premium experience.
– Convergence of multimedia entertainment and mobile Web communication
– Unique arc slider with wide pitch easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard
– XPERIAâ„¢ panels – arrange as you want for easy access
– Enjoy multimedia entertainment on bright wide VGA display
– Windows Mobile® capabilities

XPERIAâ„¢ panel interface — experiences just the way you want them
Enjoy access to different experiences — Web, multimedia, applications — from your desktop. Navigate with the tip of your finger. Configure and have your XPERIAâ„¢ panels just the way you want them.

Multiple navigation — the choice is yours
XPERIAâ„¢ X1 lets you interact with your
phone in different ways. Touch, full QWERTY keyboard, 4-way key and optical joystick navigation. Switch seamlessly between operation modes.

Arc slider design — makes it stand out
The arc design gives a distinct and unique feel. Slide the screen upwards to reveal the wide pitch QWERTY keyboard. Ample distance between keys makes writing fast and easy.

Ultimate mobile experience — performance on the move
With Windows Mobile®, the highest data transfer rate (HSDPA/HSUPA) and WiFi™ support, you can enjoy your favourite entertainment and work efficiently on the move. Mobile access to everything that is important to you. aGPS gives you the freedom to explore the world. XPERIA™ X1 is a premium mobile experience.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIAâ„¢ X1 will be available in selected markets from the second half of 2008.


7 thoughts on “Full Press Release of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1: iPhone killer maybe?”

  1. John says:

    The size may be a little big but what a piece of kit! I for one will be buying this phone when it is released! The justification for having the phone larger for me is that I currently use the P990i, good phone and has done me well for 18 months but it is just too clunky. A touch screen that can rival the iPhone has got to be good, no matter how large the phone! If my my man sized fingers can handle the touch screen then I’ll be happy, the fact that most phones are not big enough for my hands is a trouble for me. So I am hoping that the X1 is all its cracked up to be! Can’t wait for the release date!

  2. Antoine says:

    Have P990i and was gutted because it is not compatible with my Small Business Server 2003 and therefore cannot use PC Suite which makes it a bit useless.
    I am told that the Windows Mobile operating system will and can’t wait for it. Also looks good to me, hope it comes with similar cradle as P990i!

  3. MONKEY MAGIC says:

    The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 blows iPhone 3G, Nokia N96, and virtually every other convergence device clean off the face of the earth, into a whole new universe unknown by man or beast.

    My P990i’s days are truely numbered.

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