LG Viewty KU990 is first phone granted with DivX certification

This is fantastic news for all you LG Viewty KU990 users, LG and DivX have recently announced that this will be the first mobile phone to be granted with DivX certification which will give you the benefits of natively recording videos in the high quality DivX format.

All DivX videos can be recorded through the LG Viewty and then can be uploaded to the online video sites or can even be played back on any DivX certified consumer electronics device including gaming consoles, DVD players and media players.

This is great news because it will open a brand new door for media experiences which will enable users to do much more with your videos you capture, from sharing your content online to even playing them back beyond the phone on a wide variety of devices.

You will be able to capture 120 fps 640 x 480-pixel DivX video on the Viewty’s 3 inch touchscreen and then transfer those videos without all that boring encoding rubbish.

Europe LG Viewty’s with DivX encoding capabilities will ship immediately and current owners of the phone will get the functionality via a software update.

Source — product-reviews.net


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