Best quality on offer from Sony Ericsson C702 and C902

Sony Ericsson has announced two new high performance handsets with Cyber-shot capability, the C702 Cyber-shot and C902 Cyber-shot which allows you to take perfect pictures. Head of Imaging at Sony Ericsson Sven Totté said: “The two new Cyber-shotâ„¢ phones that we have announced today share certain characteristics. Both phones place ease-of-use and best-in-class picture quality at the heart of their designs. Yet both appeal to different audiences. One is engineered to let you take more pictures in more places and the other is designed to look as stunning as the pictures it takes.”

C702 and C902

The C702:

·         Built-in GPS  with location-based imaging — sort and view your photos according to where you took them

·         Single-handed camera use — for spur-of-the-moment photos

·         Splash and dust resistant* — perfect for your active lifestyle

The C902:

·         Slim Cyber-shot™ phone with unique slide-out lens cover

. Camera-ready in an instant

·         5.0 megapixel camera with Face Detection and Auto Focus. Always capture the best shot possible

·         Illuminated camera touch keys. Intuitive guidance around the camera settings ·         Stand out design — instantly recognisable

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10 thoughts on “Best quality on offer from Sony Ericsson C702 and C902”

  1. Paul Maclugash says:

    c702 good phone but be aware that some providers remove google maps and wayfinder software from the phone when it is flashed to there brand, in my case O2. This is a total nightmare because when you install google maps it cant find the gps system and uses mobile masts to give you a position which is not very accurate. I have spoke to O2 but they cant get there heads round this, so i spoke to sony and they have had quite a few complaints about this, but this is not a phone problem but an O2 problem and i needed to get O2 to sort it. This is just a waste of time i have spent 2.5 hours on the phone to O2 trying to get the message through. So i am sending it back within the 14 day change of mind period. If you find out this problem after the 14 day change of mind period i think that a refund should be persued through trading standards as there total lack of intrest in sorting this is just poor even if you phone is marked in some way, it is still not to spec and they have not made it clear that it is missing these important features. My main reason for buying this phone was for the gps as i would have just kept using my K800i as it has a proper flash and is almost the same phone.

  2. happy user says:

    had this phone now for a couple of weeks now and im happy to report that the c702 has got to be a work of art,its simple it does exactly what it says on the tin! as a phone-it works,the camera-great fun to be had,video camera-impressive,video calls-superb,and there loads more to be found on this little box of tricks,great wee phone…

  3. monty says:

    c702 is the shitest phone ever made and im sure it will be the shittest for a ver long time.The camera flash is shocking and the gps is slower than a dying turtle.

  4. monty says:

    c702 is the shitest phone ever made and im sure it will be the shittest for a very long time.The camera flash is shocking and the gps is slower than a dying turtle.

  5. hursty says:

    i upgraded to this phone from the k800i,and i must say i am very dissapointed,it freezes, its slow going into the menu,i bought a new sony bluetooth headset to go with the phone but find that it is constantly disconnecting after about 1/4 hr talking and then the phone won`t retreive the call,the battery life is shit it`s always on charge as it`s always flat, all in all i think it is a wanky phone and wish i never bothered changing it,i`m swopping it back to my old k800i. also i`m on orange and that is a load of shite too.

  6. Siegfrid says:

    Great attention to this phone! After 2 months of normal use, the silver color on the case is going… And you will not solve anything if you use the service as solution, will say: because of normal wear take paint! SonyEricsson not want to admit that it was a manufacturing defect ……….. So pay for a piece of crap!

  7. vickibaz says:

    i got the c702 after the screen on my k850i gave up after 2 years of substanial use. i got the c702 from a family member because they couldnt get along with it at this point it was just 4 weeks old ive had it for 4 weeks and hate the peice of junk. switches itself off and restarts inactive sim messages slow to do everything cant keep up with texting needless to say after sony made me belive they were making decent phones after the k850 im really dissapointed and wouldnt rcommend this heap of junk to my worst enermy.

  8. Siegfrid says:

    I k`now four users of this piece of crap and they have the same problem! The silver paint on the case is going! They don`t belive me and they got it….. Lol! Good job SonyEricsson.

  9. Keith says:

    I have a couple of issues with the GPS every now and then. I get inactive sim every now and then. But I solved the random turning off by sticking some blu-tack onto the phone side of the battery, this stopped the battery from moving. This worked, it just meant that if i wanted to pull out the battery it would take effort.
    I am tough on phones and I have only broken the screen on this one once and replaced it with one from ebay. My last phone looked like it had been through a war zone (Samsung z510).

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