Apple iPhone Flash plugin support on its way: Is this what you want?

Here is some news I would love to debate, according to sources below there is going to be support for Flash content on the Apple iPhone pretty soon, oh and please remember it is on its way meaning it is not here yet.

I have the Apple iPhone myself and have said in my head the lack of support for web technology is becoming almost universal but the lack of flash is something we should think about, well it seems my question have nearly been answered.

Apple apparently and this is of course speculation has been unwilling to add Flash support to the iPhone because it would adversely affect battery life, but many peoples answer to this is Apple do not want to rely on third-party applications.

Do you think that the Apple iPhone should have Flash plugin support?

Source — Tech Radar via GearLive


4 thoughts on “Apple iPhone Flash plugin support on its way: Is this what you want?”

  1. Kieran Pardias says:

    YES!! I want Flash for the iPhone. I bought this thing thinking that I would have the same internet access on my phone that I have at home and Apple should get with the program in that regard.

  2. Ash says:

    Like 3G, if it kills my battery life I dont want it. Otherwise bring it on! An option to toggle Flash on/off would be nice tho if it does hurt the battery significantly.

  3. think stupid says:

    well, if you use it of course it will use your battery. I suggest you don’t use your iphone at all, that way it will remain in mint condition for pretty long time

  4. Pinheiro says:

    Some very important resource sites I sign have flash menus
    I have flash videos I want to see
    I hate having that little icon showing it misses a plugin.
    Eigther the equipment reads the web or not, half reading is not correct.
    Flash is a reality, it is very good and it exists, no need to behave like ostriches and bury the head in the sand.
    Reality is reality.
    Deal with it.
    If it is heavy on batery, so what? Don't install it.
    But as for my self, I like choices.
    This is too expensive of an equipment to be castrated.

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