Sony Ericsson C902 5 megapixel camera phone hands on video at MWC

The all new and one of the greatest mobile phones from Sony Ericsson has to be the 5 megapixel C902 Cybershot, we have which you can see below a hands on video from the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

The video is not really clear but it still shows the phone off, the Sony Ericsson C902 Cybershot has a very good and unique sliding lens-cover that pops out of the top of the body, once it pops out it reveals the awesome megapixel Cybershot camera unit with flash.

The bit we love is when you slide the camera out all the touch sensitive buttons light up from under the display’s bezel. We here love this phone and when we get our hands on one, we will put it through its paces.


43 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson C902 5 megapixel camera phone hands on video at MWC”

  1. Dean says:

    This handset looks hellish !!
    Is there any information on when it will be released and price on t-moblie. Love your site Im due an upgrade begining of may and am finding your site key if making my decision .

    Keep up the good work … Dean

  2. Does C902 sony ericson, surpass the K850i model?
    Has the reviews that i have read on the K850i, didn’t give me much encouragement or faith to buy it. I want a camera phone that is good at what it supposed to do that take good quality pictures.

    I have been thinking about the Nokia series either the N95/96 or even the new N82. Can anyone enlighten me in my dilemma


  3. Ross from Liverpool UK says:

    I have asked Vodafone about upgrading to this phone and they said that it will be here by 16th June. Phones4u on the other hand said it wasnt coming to Europe-tho i think that might be because the salesman really wanted me to buy something there and then-i saw thru his game!

  4. Miizz Gabriella Santaz says:

    heya ,
    does anyone know when the sony ericsson C902 will be out in canada on sim free
    by the way talk to you later nicole
    i might see you at school
    oh please tell me
    thankx bye

  5. Sofie says:

    Phone now out with o2, hopefully should be getting this as had the K850i (not rated at all) in 3 months of having it i had to have 3 new ones, one of them having for only 1 hour before the screen went and all that happened was the keypad lights worked! excellent camera however…

  6. Jane says:

    I’m waiting for my new C902 to be delivered today from 3. I cant wait to see how it is as my last 2 mobiles have had problems. I find it hard trying to choose a mobile as i just want a phone that can take pictures every now and again. These days mobiles are almost doing the dishes and making the tea. What attracted me to this phone was the fact that its like a shop bought digital camera in a mobile phone. I will tell you how it is when it finally gets here.

  7. alex says:


    im thinking of getting this phone from o2 is there anybody who might want to put me off or encourage me?

    if so please reply



  8. Stirby says:

    For people who have this phone i ask a question…. Is the screen small?
    I’ve been wondering for a while coz it looks tiny but im still yet to see one so i cant say

  9. Gaz says:

    Have had c902 for a week and it is the best phone i have ever had no faults apart from the weight it is twice the weight of my old u600. The screen size is fine and the camera at 5m pix is magic too. O2 are offering great deals to exicisting custs 5 star phone.

  10. Jane says:

    Wow its sexy and smart and feels good to hold. Its one of the best phones i have had in years (since camera phones where not invented).

    If you get the chance to get one then please do!!!! Its better having a phone that does your dishes than just makes calls, especially when its as smart as this phone.

  11. gordon says:

    upgraded from w850i and really impressed, much better camera, faster internet and more memory , all the programmes have been fine tuned and are easily accessible , the camera is class
    one small thing to watch out for is the cover for the memory card is very flimsy and came out in my hands thr first time i tried to insert my card, it easily snapped back into place though and wont move when the back cover is replaced
    all in all >> excellent phone : )

  12. I have had this phoen and while it looks great and has a good camera there are a lot of frustrating features. First off the keyboard is of very poor quality, i am a bloke who has hands like a girl, even so my tiny hands find it hard to text (also try texting when your drunk)

    The other thing is the Battery Life
    I fully charged the battery and by 10pm the next night it was all gone, and to be honest thats with 30 minutes on the phone and playing 20 minutes of music. This is also with turing the brightness down to maximise battery life.

    And the phone has also crashed 3 times in 3 days, the touch screen on the camera will annoy you greatly as it is too sensitve, after i post this is am sending it back to o2 and must admit i am dissapointed

  13. Shaza says:

    Ive had my phone about 3 weeks now and whilst it is a great looking phone and lush to use the battery life is pants – mine last around a day and that texting during the day and about 30-50 mins on WAP………

    A little gutted about that but otherwise a great phone……

    O2 have offered to change the battery for me yeasterday and its come today – so thanks O2 you are the best…….


  14. Jane says:

    On the down side of this super phone i cant have a call for more than 2 mins without the reception going, not a good pick up at all. But my battery life lasts for a good few days at a time (mind it could be cause i keep getting cut off!!!)

  15. Lucy says:

    I’ve just sent my C902 back to Orange. I loved everything about the phone apart from way it displays the first line of the text message when you receive a message. You can’t disable this ‘feature’ and my friends have also agreed that sometimes you want text messages to be private! Shame, as it is a great phone.

  16. Rory says:

    Just told Vodafone to swap my C902 for C702 – battery life was really poor and the screensaver feature that blanked the screen couldn’t be switched off. So much for the performance of HSPDA – didn’t really see it.

  17. T says:

    Just got this phone as a replacement for the LG Viewty, which is a very good phone but the touch screen drove me totally MAD!

    The C902 is a fantastic little phone, very lightweight and slim, easy to use, tons of features.

    The camera is fantastic. A good camera is now something I look for when getting a new mobile and this one has not let me down.

    You can also print your pictures direct from the phone which is a fantastic little feature.

    I would highly recommend this phone to everyone out there!

  18. T says:

    One more thing, although there are touch screen buttons which enable when you activate the camera, you do not have to use them, you can use all the same functions from your keypad. Job done!

  19. ive had my 902 a few weeks now great phone but the camera settings are a pain to set up before you take a pic battery can be a problem if not charged the night before keypad no good if youve got big fingers otherwise a good phone im now waiting to see 905 to see if any better

  20. bRAVO says:

    i got my 902 today, it nice looking phone with good features, the problem i m facing is with its right side navigation key i cant add any shortcut on right hand side.. Is this default with all the sets?

  21. T says:

    easy just go to Settings, and in general select Shortcurts and then you are able to change all the navigation key shortcuts in there.

    Also, I am finding the battery of the phone totally fine, no idea why others arent!

  22. A says:

    regarding the battery u guys need to condition them!!!! mines has been great… love this phone, im on my 2nd one already with an option to change phones, but i didnt.

  23. chris says:

    a few problems ive noticed with the 902.

    1 – if you switch it off and on i seem to lose my screen saver, until i press the menu button and the it returns

    2 – lookin at pictures through file manager, if you switch to landsacape then press back, instead of going back to potrait like other SE phones it takes you back to the list of pictures

    3 – the signal cuts in and out through convos, even with full signal

    4 – the buttons are too small

    5 – the screen is a bit small

    6 – the battery is impossible to get out and ended up damaging it trying to get it out

  24. jon says:

    Is it true that the c902 has been removed from stores /networks ??? i tried to upgrade to this phone on 27/07/08 and was told by o2 that there is a problem with it and the expected date for it being avail has not been announced , i have been told they freeze and buttons need a lot of pressure to operate, at times not even working at all ! so much for top phone ?

  25. T says:

    I have the handset with O2 and there are no problems. It’s still showing on Carphone Warehouse’s website as available as well.

    I havent had any problems with the phone at all.

    I know the previous model, the K850i I think it is has some problems a friend of mine has it and experiences some, but I have had the C902 for a couple of months now and have experienced no problems at all with it.

  26. Shreena says:

    I have had the c902 for nearly 2 weeks now, i’m starting to get used to it after using only nokia’s for years.

    The battery life is poor and i do find that i have to charge everyday.

    The main problem i am having – which i’m sure you’ll all be able to help me with – is trying to insert my memory card. I have checked that its the correct type but i just can’t for the life of me get it to fit. Am i missing something?


  27. Eden says:

    I have been a fan of sony-ericsson phones for a very long time, my last 6+ phones have been SE’s but after purchasing this phone (and a brief experience with the c702 which is equally disappointing) I no longer hold SE phone in such high regard

    looks cool

    interface is slower than older models (such as my old k 610i) – probably due to unnecessarly fancy pictures at the expense of useability
    mp3/radio player is clunky due to reduced external buttons

    really bad – THE CAMERA!
    – the camera is a shocker, it was the main reason I spent so much on this phone – for a “cybershot” camera the picture quality in anything other than perfect lighting conditions is terrible.
    the flash is gutless and not much better than a much cheaper camera phone with light
    there is no point in using the camera in anything more than 1mp mode for above quality issues
    camera interface is overly complicated – with too many “automatic/intelligent” features that slow down use, SE should have just made the flash better, decreased the mp of the camera and thrown away the bloated camera software – a simple interface with the ability to have flash always on would have been far better

    if you never want to use the camera other than in full sunlight, probably a good phone, otherwise owning a C902 is like having a 1000hp car that needs to refuel every 1km, nice on paper but in reality very disappointing

  28. Nigel says:

    Ive had my c902 a while now and my advice is dont get one. Ive always liked sony phones but i wont ever buy another one, i know of loads of people that have had the same problem as me with the c902 and other SE phones. They constantly switch tehmselves off for no reason, loads of times i lock the keypad put it in my belt case check it a while later for txts etc only to find its not even switched on anymore. Sonys advice is to update software and deny any knowledge of any known problems. if thats the case why are there so many forums about this problem.

  29. JENNIE says:

    I used to love sony ericsson phones NEVER AGAIN

    I’m currently on my third handset,

    Camera is rubbish, buttons have all lifted, keeps switching it self off and generally slow…

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