Hop-on trademark filing for YahooPhone and YPhone

Hop-on knock out cheap mobile phones, but they have apparently have filed ragistration trademakrs for “YahooPhone” and “YPhone”, something I’m sure certain well known massive consumer orientated companies won’t be happy with. They has been some secpulation in the pst that Hop-on is developing a handset for Yahoo. Since hop-on has a couple of deals with AT&T and Verizon it’s unlikly they would be in command of branding to trandmark registering. Perhaps hop-on are unaware of the potential infringment of trademarks, but then again maybe not!

The company, including its founder seem to have somewhat of a history of patent disputes along with trademark disputes, along with lawsuits and stock fraud. Back in 02 hop-on caused a stir when it announced the worlds first disposable mobile handset, which turned out to be an old Nokia fitted with a new casing.

So is hop-on actually manufacturing the “YahooPhone” or “YPhone”? we’ll have to wait arounf and see just what happen with this, and we’ll let you know when we do.

Source – trademork

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