Sony Ericsson launch Ericsson Multimedia Communications Suite

Sony Ericsson has launched its new interface for select devices, the MCS, their goal is to integrate web 2.0 contents feeds into the UI, and will be showing up on handsets such as the Sony Ericsson W760i. Users will be able to gain access to the new service via their existing apps. Research completed by Sony Ericsson shows there to be a strong demand for mobilisation of communication services on the internet such as files sharing, chat and presence.

Ericsson Multimedia

The user interface mixes the new MCS with existing apps like data transfer, voice, voice call, video call, MMS and SMS. Sony Ericsson’s MCS is initally only available to Ericsson feature phones while the MCS is constructed on IMS architecture. To learn more follow the source.

Sourve – 3g.co.uk

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