Apple and China Mobile talks finally revealed: 400,000 unlocked iPhones in China

All the talks going on with Apple and China Mobile have had some serious break downs over the last few months when it comes to introducing the iPhone it has been said, but finally do we see the real reason of why there was a break down?

Well it seems so, because apparently and according to the source shown below China Mobile said that were already 400,000 unlocked iPhones using its network by the end of 2007. Ok so shares in Apple shot right up to 10 percent when the device was announced back in November 2007 and that it was in discussions with China Mobile, just in case you have forgotten China Mobile are the world’s largest mobile phone operator with around 350 million subscribers.

Talks broke down in January where China Mobile cited the real reason (Apparently) high revenue sharing model that giants Apple demands for their iPhone as the reason.

But new figures have recently been revealed from a Chinese source In-Stat suggesting that there are around 400,000 Apple iPhones using the China Mobile network.

Phones Review Says – This is madness really because if all the above is true it means that there are more unauthorized Apple iPhones in China that there are authorised iPhones in Europe, to break that down even further that means a tenth of all iPhones shipped so far to date.

Source — FORTUNE via Silicon Alley Insider


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