Would you like a mobile phone made of bamboo? Eco friendly Chute smartphone

Now the question is “Would you like a mobile phone made of bamboo? Well if this new mobile called the Chute Smartphone went into production that is exactly what you would get people.

This stunning concept is the creation of Michael Laut; this phone is without a doubt one that would be favoured by eco friendly lovers. We all know that Bamboo is a very high sustainable and biodegradable material plus it would make the phone a whole lot lighter.

Chute smartphone

Ok we know the screen cannot be made of bamboo, but hey let them cross that bridge when it comes to it.

Personally they should get the Chute smartphone up and running and into production, think about the world people come on. Let us know if you would like to see the CHUTE go into production, the more people letting us know in the comment area the better.

Source – Michael Laut via Yanko Design


4 thoughts on “Would you like a mobile phone made of bamboo? Eco friendly Chute smartphone”

  1. Andrew Sawyer says:

    What an interesting and sustainable idea absolutely brilliant! I did not realise how versatile bamboo is.
    I would have one as I consider myself an environmently friendly person.

  2. It is a brilliant idea and I really hope that more eco-friendly phones become available. Especially in the US. The Chute phone looks great and I am sure many people would buy the product. It is NEW, it is CREATIVE, it could be a FASHION statement as well. Bamboo is a strong material and grows remarkably fast. It would be good to utilize such a resource, but only to some extent.

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