Hands on with the updated HTC Advantage X7510 device

Engadget got their hands on the HTC Advantage X7510 at Mobile World Congress and have a superb gallery of images for you to take a peek out which you can see below following the link.

Engadget went on to say that HTC have chosen to revamp the keyboard and make the face a little tidier, the results do look a lot better and judging by the images we like the whole package not just the little details.

HTC Advantage X7510

Ok so it looks tidier but it still looks a little large (device we mean), more memory with 16 GB of flash seems pretty decent. They carry on saying that HTC has chosen to eschew traditional keys for a smooth touch-sensitive keyboard which on a personal note we like very much, but hey everybody to their own

The feedback from the keys is basically nothing. Check out Engadget’s gallery here.


2 thoughts on “Hands on with the updated HTC Advantage X7510 device”

  1. CosseyMan says:

    Thanks for the photos. I’ve been looking at reviews on this product for a few hours now and your’s is the first with more than 2 pictures. I have nearly purchased the advantage 7501 a few times but I decided to wait for the price to go down. Now it looks like I will be paying even more for one of these to replace my Axim x51v. Has anyone heard a price for the 7510?

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