DVB-H to WiFi, PacketVideo launch mobile broadcast receiver

At the World Mobile Congress PacketVideo launched their Mobile Broadcast Receiver, a small device which receives DVB-H signals and streams them over WiFi. DVB-H is the component of Mobile TV, and the use of this shows companies are hoping to deliver the DVB-H to handsets that don’t have a receiver chip when manufactured.


As yet there is scarce information about the DVB-H dongle, but it is know that it can be charged via USB, and it uses a Lithium-Ion battery, and it is also being targeted at operators rather than users.

Source – reghardware


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  1. I have played with one of these devices using an iphone and the the picture was crystal clear with multiple iphones connected to it. It was buggy, but as are any prototypes.
    If mobile operators sell/buy these devices using the OMA bcast technology and place them in bars or shopping centers there is a great deal of potential.

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