Zeki kid phone launched by Young Toys: Toddler friendly and parent lover

Do you want to stay in contact with your kids? Well a brand new phone just launched in Korea should keep many parents happy, the new phone called Zeki kid phone has been launched by Young Toys and we say this digital mobile phone will please the masses.

Through Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the Zeki can communicate with the parent’s phone over up to 80 metre distance and data can be exchanged too.

Zeki kid phone pic 1

The phone has a child-friendly design and the most important of the entire phone is made from harmless materials, come on you know the little brat wants to eat it.

The Zeki kid phone is also shielded against electromagnetic waves to protect your toddler’s life, it also features an MP3 player and mobile games ca be downloaded to the handset.

Zeki kid phone pic 2

If you want one of the Zeki mobile phones then how does 99,500 Korean won sound, oh that is about £50.

Zeki kid phone pic 3

Zeki kid phone pic 4

Source – AVING

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