Apple iPhone 1.1.4 OS X firmware update just released

Breaking Apple News: This goes out to all you Apple iPhone owners, a brand new Apple iPhone 1.1.4 firmware update has just been released which is said to fix a host of bugs (problems).

The only downside is there is no word as of yet if this will screw up your unlocked phones, so think about this one because if your iPhone is unlocked let someone else try it first just in case.

The just released Apple iPhone OS X firmware update 1.1.4, this is great because it is said to fix some of the nasty bugs that was introduced within the 1.1.3 update.

What you should know —

– Problems sending mail fixed, where it just vanishes from sent mail folder
– Fixes SMS ordering bugs (fixes text displaying out of order)
– Fixes Bluetooth (improved compatibility with GPS units)
– No word yet whether this will mess with unlocked phones

Oh and please do let us know the outcome if you use this new firmware update.

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  1. Jail break for 1.1.3 works exactly the same for the new software i used zibris Ziphone and yet again my phone is jail broken… however i suggest waiting for the dev team to bring out a installer upgrade as updating thru itunes makes u lose all your apps (but doesn’t uninstall them)

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