Googles Android possible future in connected handsets

Google’s open source OS, Android is designed to run on mobile handsets using ARM processors, but maybe it’s time someone took Android and adapted it creating a UMPC type device or even an ubber-slim subnotebook.

Andriod should be able to run on any and all devices, and possibly Google Gears could be ported to enable off-line access to their services. Intel is trying to break into the mobile space with their announced new processor 2W idling, but then again the Nokia N95 is running on less now.

We are all aware everything costs these days, costs that start off in the staggering low millions; however, here to hoping someone at sometime will construct a longer lasting battery which will last all day and maybe with a full QWERTY keyboard which may just come in under the 1000 bucks price.

Source – intomobile

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