Tech self service for smartphones from Vodafone

Gaining the correct customer service and technical support can be quite a maze of troublesome experience, and there’s nothing worse than having technical advice coming via the Philippines as they read from a script.

So in an attempt to counteract this Vodafone has taken the first steps towards helping maintain your blood pressure when seeking tech support. Vodafone has partnered with SNAPin Software to bring their customers SelfService technical support software to smartphones.

How it works is the SNAPin Sofeware SelfService app helps manage your account, diagnose and fix problems all without the aid of human input. This self-service app initially is only applicable to smartphones but over time it is hoped it will make the leap to the more complex variety of devices.

Trials will begin in the UK and Spain with 3000 customers, and available for handsets which run open OS’s such as Microsoft Windows Mobile, Nice, UIQ, and S60.

Source — snapin

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