Samsung BlackJack II uses any MP3 as ringtone

Hack upon hack, registry edit upon registry edit, there are load coming out for the Samsung BlackJack II, so you may be please to know that you can use any size MP3 file as your ringtone on the BlackJack II. WMEexperts has found an interesting registry and workaround edit which actually allows the user to not just set any MP3 but also wipes out the 300KB size restriction.

So if you would like to know how it’s accomplished here’s how…First save your MP3 to your handset’s memory, next use your BlackJack II’s “My Stuff” file explorer to navigate your MP3 file. Follow on with highlighting your MP3, hit Menu and set the MP3 as ringtone.

BlackJack II

Next, the “My Stuff” browser will ask if you would like to move the file to your “My Sounds” folder, so do it. The file then gets copied to “My Sounds while the original stays where it is.

Finally you will need to edit the registry to dump the 300KB restriction, so go into HKEY_Current User? ControlPanel? Sounds and delete FileSizeLimit. That’s it, job done; you should now be able to use any MP3 for your ringtone.

Source — wmexperts

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