iPhone v2.0 getting a few minor changes.

There have been a few minor changes to the iPhone UI, images from the iPhone Software Roadmap show that the iPhone’s calculator will be turning square. At present the calculator has round buttons with an orange = button, but looking at the image it seems Apple’s designers have changed it for a square shape. Why I haven’t a clue, probably the designers needed to spend some down time playing with the iPhone.

Another change seems to be with the iTunes icon, this time changing the iTunes download arrow for a musical note, which may be misleading as iTunes doesn’t just represent music, you can download movies and TV shows too. Apple designers again having a play with something that really doesn’t need changing!

iPhone v2.0

iPhone v2.0

Also it appears, although somewhat difficult to judge properly from the fuzzed screen capture, the iPhone home screen maybe also be given a minor refresh. At present the home screen has a mesh/perforated aluminium look, but looking at the image it could now possibly be a line configuration.

iPhone v2.0 

Minor changed indeed, but there’s still the AppStore icon to come, other than that it’s wait for any more available info on the iPhone v2.0 changelog.

Source — macenstein

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