Apple iPhone SDK to include iPhone emulator

That’s right the iPhone SDK includes an iPhone emulator which in turn makes it easy for iPhone developers to test code without risking corrupting a real iPhone, however while most of us have to be happy with the present iPhone v1.1.4 firmware, the iPhone emulator is unleashed in its glory on the newer, as yet unreleased iPhone firmware.

If you take a glance at the iPhone emulator’s settings pane you will see its v1.12 running the show. iPhone v1.2 has a codename of Aspen and continues along the codename lines as previous iPhone OS’s such as v1.1.1 (SnowBird) v1.1.2 (Oktoberfest) and v1.1.3 being (LittleBear)

Apple is hoping to launch the iPhone v2.0 firmware in June, and it will work well with the iPhone SDK along with applications constructed during its development. The iPhone v1.2 (Aspen) firmware is ready for release as it’s already being used in the emulator, so will Apple actually release Aspen in the coming months? It would make sense for them to do so, but for now we’ll all just have to wait and see what Apple actually does.

Source — intomobile

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