CMO of Ericsson sees WiFi hotspots as future phone booths

Johan Bergendahl, Chief marketing Officer of Sony Ericsson is predicting the apparent end of WiFi hot spots; well what he’s actually saying is that the WiFi hotspot will eventually disappear in favour of mobile broadband.

Bergendhal, speaking at a conference in Stockholm said: “Hot spots at places like Starbucks are becoming the telephone boxes of the broadband era. In a few years, [HSPA] will be as common as Wi-Fi is today.”

Bengendhal reckons the widespread use is ever bringing down the price of mobile broadband subscriptions and a fact that HSPA is being incorporated into many more laptops. Of course it could go another way and entire cities become major WiFi hot spots.

Source — IDG.no


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  1. Although HSPA is coming down in price, public Wi-Fi is more often than not free, so economics say people will still go for it occasionally. I see the two systems operating side by side rather than one replacing the other, myself. Also dont forget other wireless technologies such as WiMAX…

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