New mobile music service SongNumbers launches

Today, SongNumbers, a new mobile music service is launched, this service promises to “empower” artists and record labels with what they call critical mass utility, which allows music fans to purchase, listen to, and share music from their mobile handset. The technology in SongNumbers is currently patent pending and allows an artist to assign a phone number from SongNumbers website to their music so anyone with a mobile device will be able to ring the number, preview a song and then purchase it all with a single press of a number.

The SongNumbers service needs no software, no DRM and no player, and the two carriers at present supplying the service is Alltel and AT&T. Mr Sharp, (presuming here he’s in charge) states: “SongNumbers.com is a unique music distribution utility that allows artists and labels to reach out and touch their fan base with the service. SongNumbers makes it easy and fun for artists and labels to virally distribute content and generate phone downloads for preview and purchase by fans. And, not only are artists able to sell their music over the phone but they can also monetize the previews of their music with ad sponsorship.”

Source — SongNumbers

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