Apple iPhone gains Crazy Kart 2 mobile game: video

Int13 the France based mobile game developer has begun posting their Crazy Kart 2 game to the iPhone. As far as details go, mobile users can expect 320×320 pixels playing area, 3 vehicle classes which are karts, hovercrafts and motorbikes, 6 character with differing vehicles, on-screen steering wheel, WiFi online multiplayer mode with up to four players, and downloadable content such as new tracks and vehicles.

Int13 say the game, which was originally developed for Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms wasn’t that difficult to adapt to suit the Apple iPhone. Although Int13 are still evaluating alternatives such as landscape display support and tilt control.

Even now the people at Int13 are developing a sequel with full 3D accelerate engine which will be exclusively designed for the Apple handset. Crazy Kart 2 is scheduled for release in July, so until then take a look at the video so see what it’s like.

Source — macrumors

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