Apple Patent Rumor: Possible Flip iPhone

For those of you who love rumors, then I think you are going to like this one. Apparently there is a rumor going round that Apply are looking to make the iPhone into a flip phone. This news has come to light since Apple made a recent filing that there is a possibility.

The application that Apple has made shows that the flip iPhone would have a dual-screen, as well as a dual sided trackpad. The trackpad itself looks as if it would be translucent, and like the standard iPhone will be touch sensitive.

Apple Patent Rumor: Possible Flip iPhone

Apple have not stopped there with this latest iPhone Flip patent application, it seems as if they want to develop pc tablets and laptops with the same technology. However the PC tablet would not boast touchscreen like iPhone users enjoy.

Please do not get your money out just yet, as we know how Apple likes to apply for patent, and then decide not to develop the products after all.

Apple Flip iPhone

Source – Unwired View


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