London has padded lampposts: Just a Trial PR Stunt

Just recently we noticed a few padded lampposts around London, for those of you who thought that this was in place to keep people who txt while they walk safe, and in a way you are correct.

These lamppost pads were attached as part of a PR stunt and trial, only a few pads were put up a few locations around the city in order to get public feedback. Some people who did see these padded lamppost would have noticed the 118 118 logos on them. Well what did you expect; they had to put advertising on them.

London has padded lampposts: Just a Trail PR Stunt

I wonder if anyone did bump into one, I know I have almost walked into a few things in the past, so although they are not the best looking things to decorate a lamppost, it has to be said that it is a great idea.

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