New launch Liberty SIM package comes without Virgin mobile phone

Virgin have decided to dump the offer of a mobile phone with the new Liberty SIM contract, this basically means they will be cutting out the mobile phone from their mobile contracts with the new launch of the Liberty SIM package.

To break this down in simple terms what they are basically doing is the new package will come without a mobile phone because this will allow customers to keep a hold of their current mobile handsets and choose the operator’s £15 SIM only tariff.

These £15 SIM only tariff features 150 minutes and 1000 texts or 300 minutes and 300 texts, the Liberty SIM however comes with a 30 days notice period which is so much better than the long winded 18 month contract.

The Liberty SIM package is now available right here


13 thoughts on “New launch Liberty SIM package comes without Virgin mobile phone”

  1. I think Virgin has done exactly the right thing. T-Mobile have already said that sales of SIM Only deals are growing fast and predict 2009 to be a big year for SIM Only contracts. Virgin have reacted and will be in for a nice little share of the SIM Only market.

  2. Out of all the freebies and bonuses offered by the networks, Virgin have the best when it comes to sim only contracts. Eg free dvd rental, cheaper holdiday discounts, free paintballing, cheap concert tickets and bargain hotel accomodation. Pretty good if you ask me.

  3. As an interesting update we’re finding (we run a sim only comparison site) that the Virgin deals aren’t proving as popular as we expected, Vodafone and O2 are much more popular and Virgin are somewhere near the back behind T-Mobile and Orange.

  4. Virgin seem to have fallen behind a bit in the SIM only market, it's becoming a massive sector so it's odd how they haven't pushed these deals harder; I'm not sure I've seen any advertising for Virgin SIM only and have seen loads for Voda, T-Mobile, O2 etc.

  5. In Holland there are coming new providers every month or so who also offer great Sim Only deals. But it is very hard to choose the best deal. A Sim Only is great if you absolutely know that you will not use more minutes then that you buy. If you go over it the costs can become really high

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