Large mobile phone plant planned for Vietnam by Samsung

Last year Samsung produced a total of 160 million mobile handsets, this year they will exceed the 200 million mark. 50% of all the mobile phones shipped last year came out of Korea, the rest is manufactured in Samsung’s plants in Brazil, India, and China, and still they continue to expand.

Therefore, Samsung is set to construct a new manufacturing plant in Vietnam with an expected output of up to 100 million mobile units per year. Reportedly the new factory will be located in the Bac Ninh Province, and sometime this year production will commence at a capacity of 30 million eventually rising to maximum productivity of 100 million.

Apparently the reason for building in Vietnam is because they are willing to work for half the money of their Chinese counterparts, also its strategic location means it can easily export to market regions such as Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand with lower tariff rates.

Source — justamp

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