Using your mobile while driving can cost a fortune

Everyone should know by now it is now only illegal to use your mobile handset whilst driving it is also extremely dangerous. However, if maybe killing someone while not paying attention does sway your use of mobiles at the wheel, maybe this article will.

In Fulton County GA USA, a personal injury case in which a car accident occurred while the driver was using their mobile handset whilst driving brought in a $5.2 million verdict.

“According to the complaint filed in 2006, an employee of International Paper Co. rear-ended Debra Ford, while talking on her cell phone. Her cruise control had been set at 77 mph in a 70 mph speed limit zone. The impact of the car accident caused Ms. Ford’s car to overturn, which pinned her arm between the vehicle and the pavement. The plaintiff’s arm had to be amputated just below the shoulder.”

So, this maybe in the USA, but maybe it’s about time the courts in the UK placed harsher monetary penalties on the usage of mobiles at the wheel, our prisons are busting at the seams so the other alternative is to hit these idiots with a huge fine.

Get a Bluetooth in-car kit, it’s safer and could possibly keep you out of prison, or having to fork out substantial costs. Simple isn’t it?

Source — textually

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