Authorities in China are looking into mobile phone spam: Asia are the victims

There are without a doubt increasing volumes of text message spam when it comes to mobile phones and this needs to be addressed, well it seems like it is getting addressed by authorities in China as we speak.

People are always getting spam messages on their mobile phones and according to the Associated Press report the messages commercial in nature were indeed sent to over two-hundred million phones in China from the top two carriers (China Unicom & China Mobile).

One company called Focus Media had to publicly say sorry for the unsolicited adverts over the fallout of spam caused. Mobile spam is getting just as bad as spam via email and internet and in China it is very bad indeed as well as the UK and USA getting quite a lot as well. Asia though is by far the ones that suffer the most with and average of 8 junk text messages per week per person.

You got to read the full report here.

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