Type on the Apple iPhone easily with My Touch Keys: Video

If you own an Apple iPhone you may like to consider this interesting accessory. Firstly, just so you know, the MY Touch Keys isn’t anything to do with the iPhone Haptic feedback keyboard prototype. What My Touch Keys is, is a thin plastic sheet with cut-outs in relationship to the on-screen keyboard that mounts onto an iPhone screen.

My Touch Keys reportedly provides an easier typing experience, and also acts as a protective cover to keep your iPhone touch-screen all nice and new looking. The only drawback is the cut-outs are a great place for storing dust. But if daily iPhone dusting doesn’t bother you, you can get hold of one from the My Touch Keys web for a snip as $7.99, and furthermore are they are doing a promotion you BOGOF (for those that don’t know…BOGOF is buy one get one free)

My Touch Keys

Check out the video below to see how it works

Source — gizmodo


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