Naja King Apple iPhone cradle for handsfree anywhere

Ok, now probably most will deny it, but I’m betting 99% of iPhone owners use their iPhone while on the crapper! I’m betting your iPhone has replaced the mags and newspapers you once used to read whilst doing the daily biz.

So deny it if you like, but using your Apple iPhone while on the throne does allow you to keep one hand free to deal with the things one needs to deal with while in the bathroom. However, now wouldn’t it be even better if you could actually have both hands free? Yes I know, don’t read on the throne and they will be, but It’s a guy thing!

So, taking the guys point of view for a few moments, it would be great if there were some kind of iPhone holder that would free both hands to take care of whatever you need taking care of.

Hey prest…enter the Naja King, an iPhone cradle with a flexible 3’ arm, all you need to do is wrap the arm round whatever is closest…usually the toilet paper dispenser is good…and there you have it, a free floating iPhone perfectly positioned for you to view while you poo!

Naja King Apple iPhone cradle

The Naja King iPhone cradle costs $39.99, not much to free up your hands at that important time.

Source — tuaw

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