Apple iPhone for 100 EUR see T-Mobile Germany

Sounds a great deal doesn’t it, gaining an Apple iPhone for just 100 EUR, while it comes out at roughly $155.00, got to be worth a look right? The catch, and yes there’s always a catch; to take advantage of this “99 EUR for the 8GB iPhone” deal, those in Germany who may be interested must sign the “Complete XL” plan that will sent the user back 89 EUR a month. For which the user receives 300 SMS, 1000 minutes, and unlimited usage of EDGE data along with T-Mobile hotspots.

More “Complete” plans available are L, M, and S which make the Apple iPhone a tad dearer such as L = 149 EUR, M = 199 EUR and S = 249 EUR more cost but less SMS and minutes with these plans along with limited usage of EDGE on the S plan.

Apple iPhone

Source — engadgetmobile

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