Name a mobile phone you would like us to get info on: Let us do the rest

We want you to get involved, we value our readers and we want to interact with you, you know like one big happy family. We get all the latest mobile phone news (cell phones for our friends in the states), accessory news and just about any news to do with the mobile world; we get phones sent to us which we give our hands on opinion.

There are millions of handsets out there and obviously it will take us a long time to get all of them covered, we will continue doing what we do but would love to know what phone you would like us to get information on. We will speak a little about the phone, find as much to do with the specifications as possible and obviously get as many photos of the handset as well.

Phones Review now has people working in dedicated areas, we have someone in the mobile video reviews section, someone in deals/shopping section someone in the news section and I personally will be covering everything from writing, promoting and making Phones Review the best place to be.

So without further ado, please give us the brand of the phone and model for example Nokia 6500 or Sony Ericsson W880i and we will do the rest.

Please go to the comments area below now and give us the brand and model, oh and please let me say thank you very much too all Phones Review readers.


4 thoughts on “Name a mobile phone you would like us to get info on: Let us do the rest”

  1. Mr N Williams says:

    Good morning,

    Can you please provide some more information on the Sony Ericsson G700 and G900. If you can also confirm the UK release date and the mobile phone companies who will be releasing this phone that would be great.

    Mr N Williams

  2. How about ANYTHING on the forthcoming Blackberry 9xxx model. It failed to show at CITA last week, and is now reported to be launching sometime this 1/4. You are the guys with the inside info !

    My 8800 is due for a change-over……but there’s nothing in the market with BOTH qwerty keyboard AND a decent browser.

    *the 9xxx is reported to have a ‘624mHz processor’ ! ! !

    Any news from the experts???????


  3. CurtisB says:

    Indeed, detailed specs on the Sony Ericsson G900 (and availability in Australia) would be most appreciated.

    How about a run off of smart phones in different form factors (ie touch screen, slider, candy bar, etc)



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