Should Nokia Shareholders be worried? Apple iPhone Vs Nokia Tube

I found a review well worth thinking about via product-reviews.net, well it was in fact a comment I saw on the site that was more intriguing. With the new Nokia Tube news all over the internet the comment below is definitely interesting.

The comment states basically “If I were a Nokia shareholder I would be very worried” then it continues on to say –
Apple can own the high-end of the “phone” market because it’s not going to be a phone market. It’s a “hand-held computer that just so happens to have voice capability” market, and without a unified approach to the OS and application development, Nokia and the other manufacturers are fragmenting their market share into all these “specialist” phones that only appeal to small niches. They are nullifying the only advantage they have, size.

So they own a huge share of a commodity market. Ask Dell how that’s working out. What good is it if they can’t parlay a leadership position in the current handset market into a large share of this new “handheld computer” market.

My personal view is that the Nokia Tube will make no dent in the Apple iPhone market and that is for one simple reason and one reason only, the amount of iPhone apps that are out there and coming. We will have to wait and see.

Please answer this for us “Should Nokia Shareholders be worried?


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