Fire Red T-Mobile Sidekick Slide on the cards

Word out on the street is that T-Mobile is hoping to launch a colour-revised T-Mobile Sidekick Slide, and one that has a stunning fire-red trim on the handset rather than the usual purple.

This info tip comes from BGR, so is still only a whispered rumour at this point.
Hopefully if this rumour does come to fruition well see the purple-trimmed Sidekick Slide welcome the new Fire Red addition to T-Mobile’s stable sometime May, maybe early June.

T-Mobile Sidekick Slide

Source — BGR


28 thoughts on “Fire Red T-Mobile Sidekick Slide on the cards”

  1. This is so dumb.
    $200 for a friggin phone.
    Come on now.
    You gotta think about homeless ppl like me, &&; give out free phones, that aren’t for 200 dag um dollars.
    This is totally ridiculous… >:[
    I am just absolutley firious…………………………………………………….

  2. I lyk dis fone but it costs a lil too much for sumone out the hood to be payin for….i mean git serious dat’s lyk 5 pair of air force 1’s…..dey need to come out with a fone dat has a television on it and it’s pre-pay lyk u just have to pay lyk 2 dollars or sum to use the television priviledges…..but other than that that fone is kind of fye….not sayin i would buy it for myself if i really wanted it i could git it for da low low in da hood off dem boot leggas….to git to da point dis fone is too high

  3. ana says:

    to be honest I had the lx and I loved it. but for some reason I still want the slide even thouqh I heard that the battery dies fast. and from what I saw it miqht be true becuz the battery it has looks the same as the battery the razor had, and we all know how that phone is. another reason I’m leaninq towards qettinq a slide is becuz it’s small enouqh to fit in my pocket, the lx didn’t, it would alwayz pop out. I kinda live in a somewhat bad area and some a$$hole stole my LX….so knowinq the slide is smaller and fits in the pocket is a qood choice for me, and for anybody else who lives in an area like that or wants a small phone.

  4. babii3 says:

    look im a yung gurl out da hood with mad bro’z nd sistahz ma 2 olda bro have da lx nd ma big sis i have da razor ma dad have da 3 ma bday iz 2mmrow nd im get.n da slide it not dat high da price ma mom gucci shit cost more den dat ma tru cost more den dat damn fone

  5. I’m in Ghana, Africa. this phone is wicked man but unfortunately for us in Ghana, it cannot be decoded. how can i get one pre-decoded and able to work with our networks or SIM cards

  6. yo dawg!!!!! i absultly luvvvv dis foneeee its freakin pink off the freackin hook dawg its pinkalicous!!!! yummm dis is hotter then snoop dawg. damn i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sleep wit it every night lol

  7. I agree this phone is hot i have it well had it in my fav color purple but someone stole it out of my car and of course i have insurance so i am getting the scarlet although i had to curse the insurance company out before they settled to give me a phone which wasnt my fav color but i like it just as much

  8. Kanayo says:

    I’m in london and im getting this phone today for my b’day, the phone is hott, i can’t wait, too excited man. The UK rarely get phones like this so im bare haps 😀

  9. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious(required) says:

    Excuse me? Jay PhoeniX you said “Who shannon and babii3 you guys type like 11 year old kids with a broken keyboard” and i AM an 11year old kid (who is in love w/ this phone) and i have an odd messed up key board (Coincidence?) and i still type better than them (Right?[Oh God I Hope So])
    Anyway… Uh, does any one have anything to say about this phone b/c i need opinions before i beg my parents (hehe), (i actually think they are considering it for when my contract goes out on this phone b/c every now and then my mom will be like, “So, which phone is it that you really want?” and i will say “Uh, the Sidekick Slide or the Rumor, … Why?” and she will say “Oh, just wondering” and it gets my hopes up, (haha) sso does anyone have opinions on the two phones Rumor and Sidekick Slide??? it would help greatly, thank you so much


  10. The phone is really expensive. And it breaks after a little bit of time. I had it and I hated it. I only liked it because it has a full qwerty keyboard. I didn’t drop it once and all of the sudden the whole entire screen turned white. Now I am getting the blackberry pearl let’s see how this phone works out. I am eleven and I am great at taking care of my phones. My brothers and sisters had expensive phones and I get them after they are almost broken it sucks really badly haha but I will get the best phone well my brother is getting the G1 and it is well made touch screen and a full qwerty keyboard it was made by professinals

  11. shawty out the hood says:

    comin from a shawty out da hood, maaaan dis fone fits in ma pockit aaan ders still room fo ma shank… a gurl gotta defend hurself u kno? wit all dem boot leggas en smack dealas our der on da strits i gotsta have room fo both. luhh dis fone. you got survedl.

  12. GirlieeBabii says:

    Some of u guys are such **** I mean come on dis is stupid halff of u guys are tryinnggg to make ppl feel sori for u forr heckk sake talk bout the phone not a private chat room. I agree wif shut up the person I thinkk madie u shld get a lifee and ur not poor if u are lookin at thiss phone hav a computerrr. Oh plz or guys are sadd.

  13. =] says:

    Yeah I agree $200 isn’t even that much maybe if you guys got a job instead of being in the streets doing nothing productive at all you could afford it. Also why are you typing like idiots, just because your from the hood doesn’t mean you have to talk like idiots, I’m from the hood and you don’t see me typing like that.

    Anyway I have a Blackberry Pearl and I was super excited about getting it. Now I got tired of it after 3 months, maybe because I don’t have time to get online all the time and when I do go online I have nothing to do. If your looking forward to getting a Blackberry I would personally recommend the Curve (even thought it’s older) or the Bold. They’re perfect for surfing the net.

    Now I’m searching for a phone similar to the Sidekick because since I’m always texting I need a full QWERTY board and for it to be held horizontally not vertically (I find it much more comfortable). If I don’t find anything else maybe I will just get the Quick Fire… Please, if you have any suggestions for a phone that’s the same style as the Sidekick Slide post your suggestions.

  14. sMiLeYs says:

    i think this phone i better than the lx cause they have the same feature and they tryin to make you uppgrade to take ur money but its just that the slide is smaller and the lx is bigger

  15. amanda says:

    wow….some comments here are stupid, no one is going to read a random persons comment and say “awwwww how sad, this person cant afford this phone…i thin i will buy it for them”
    seriously, there are nice people in this wordl but they arent that nice.

    anyway, the 11 year olds getting phones are spoiled i must say…i didnt get my first phone until i was 15 and everyone else in my school had already had one. so the fact that you actually have a phone should make you happy…no need to beg your parents to get you the newest and greatest things that they probably wouldnt even get for themselves.

    sorry about the rant, i just read these comments and they were really dumb.

    but this phone is sweet and i kind of want one…the main reason i want a new phone is because mine is literally falling apart, not because i am spoiled and think i need to have the best things.

  16. music_devil says:

    i want this one this is it i want it i want it i want it
    i love it
    it is so cute and girly just like me
    i just hope its available in syria its where i live


  17. i really wnt dis fone but i live in the uk n trust me dey dont get dese kind of fones hre. i hav 2 wait atleast a nova 2 yers till it cums out but if i lived in americe i would sooo buy this fone

  18. Cammy * says:

    Hey, i have this phone in purple.. Ive had it for over 6 months, and it holds up pretty well.. Ive dropped it more than a couple times and its still in perfect condition. Its a strong phone!

    Ive had almost every sidekick, but this one was my favorite because its so small and it rings loud.!
    Im looking to sell it though, only because i constantly switch phones.. I never keep the same phone for too long, i like to test and try different phones.. Im done with my sidekick phase, i want to move on to blackberrys or something. Idk.

    But yeah, its a great phone.!

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