3G data speeds down-throttled by O2

Apparently O2 is down-throttling their 3G user’s data speeds unless the user is forking out more than £35.00 per month or otherwise is a business customer, according to the report by the Register, O2 is to cap 3G data access to 128kbps.

The 386kbps higher speed will only be given to users who qualify; however, looking on the up-side, all of O2’s customers can pop into O2 and request that their 3G data speed his upped back to the full higher 386kbps as is their entitlement.

The other thing is it will be interesting to note how O2 handles their 3G once the Apple 3G iPhone launches, as with limited speeds of 128kbps; Apple 3G iPhone users on O2 may just find that their EDGE only iPhone counterparts are faster than the 3G iPhone.

Source — electronista

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