BL-6F Battery for N95 8GB used in Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 8GB uses a larger high capacity battery, the BL-6F, whereas the Nokia N95 can’t use it. So this means the BL-6F battery is not intended for use in the original N95 but only in the Nokia N95 8GB.

The reason for this is simple, the Nokia N95 8GB’s BL-6F battery doesn’t fit in the N95’s compartment, well not without some hard work modifying it that is. But what would you know, some bright spark, an enterprising mobile handset modder decided to hell with it, the BL-6F is going to fit a Nokia N95 and modified their Nokia N95 to take the Nokia N95 8GB BL-6F battery, and this is what the bright spark Momofseven has to say…

BL-6F Battery

BL-6F Battery

BL-6F Battery

“I am using the BL-6F in my N95-1. I just sanded the out of the battery cover and then sanded the battery itself, especially the plastic moldings on the ends. I had to wrap the battery with a layer of packing tape. It is surprisingly well fitting. I did buy a BL-6F from eBay and a replacement casing in case it got screwed up.”

So let it not be said that if something doesn’t fit, doesn’t mean it will never fit because Momofseven is now enjoying running his Nokia N95 on the Nokia N95 8GB BL-6F battery.

Source — justamp

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